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Exterminating and Wildlife Trapping Services available Monday through Sunday 24/7 … Licensed and insured 24-hour response team … Wildlife control, trapping and removal services

Commercial and Residential Pest Control Company


At Action Pest Control & Wildlife Management, we feel that each job has its own set of circumstances, demanding an individual response. Action exterminators are experts in identifying insects and wildlife and applying the proper treatments for each individual case. After identification of the pest, the experts at Action respond with proper and safe elimination of pest issues.

Why Choose us for Pest Control and Wildlife Management

Our pest control services are guaranteed.
Licensed and insured 24-hour response team
Weekend service available
Pet friendly products and applications protect your pets

Action offers competitive pricing and won't ask you to sign a contract, even if we come on a monthly basis.

If you are a commercial business, contracts for proof of service, as well as log books are provided. Professional exterminating and trapping technicians are on call 24 hours.

We are experts at finding and identifying insects, rodents, and wild animals that invade people's homes or businesses. Our goal is always to give our customers peace of mind so they can sleep again in their own homes. Our technicians know that having an invader in your home is very upsetting and we know you do everything you can to avoid these issues and something still shows up. What you may not know is that Mother Nature supplies these animals with skills and needs that can put them right inside your house no matter how clean or sealed up you can get it.

Action guarantees all services performed so you can be sure your problem will go away. We can usually give you same day service so we can get started as soon as possible. Just call us and we will see you in a few hours and your problems will begin to go away today.

About our pest control company

Action Pest Control and Wildlife Management are experts in identifying and eliminating pest and wildlife in the home and business. All pests are driven by nature to reproduce and set up a home.

The insects and rodents are doing what they are here to do and if they just happen to be doing it in your home or business, Action Pest Control are the people to call.

Pest control and wildlife management services available Monday through Sunday 24/7

Commercial and residential pest control – Servicing a large territory with multiple trucks in Chicago, South Suburbs, South West Suburbs and West Suburbs of Chicago.