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If you are having trouble with pests in your home or business, take action!

Call action pest control, we know what to do. We provide a free estimate and same day service. We guarantee all of our pest control services. We provide preventative home and business exterior and interior pest control treatments.

Residential Pest Control Services include:


Commercial Pest Control Services include:

  • Monthly documented service
  • Pest Control Service Log books
  • Licensed and insured 24-hour response team
  • Fly and fruit fly service is included
  • Rodent bait stations, inside and out
  • Insect Monitoring System

Ant Extermination

Ants are amazing creatures, they are built to survive! No matter how many ants you kill, no matter how tidy you keep your home, they always seem to show up! That's where we come in. We get rid of them!

Ant Extermination Action Steps

We inspect your home to determine the ant hotspots and where they tend to congregate. We investigate causes for the ant infestation.

2.Ant Treatment
Action Pest Control offers several different service options and will customize the proper solution for your ant problem. Our clean professional technicians are usually available for same day service. Most ant issues are resolved in one treatment; however, some infestations require a 2nd or 3rd treatment.

We guarantee to get rid of your ants or we will come back for *free! Schedule today!
*within 60 days
FThe Action Process For Bed Bug Removal Includes:

1) Initial Inspection & Initial Treatment

  • Thoroughly check entire home for bed bugs
  • Exterminate every live bed bug currently in home
  • Apply residual treatment

2) Follow-up Treatment - (2 weeks later)

  • Treating the bed bugs that may have hatched from initial infestation or stayed hidden
  • Apply residual treatment

3) Another follow-up treatment - (2 weeks later)

4) Bed Bug free! 100% or we come back out for free

Your Action Steps:

  • Clean your home
  • Heat treat all clothes & fabrics
  • Your Clothing must be stored in large plastic bags until treatment is complete (bed bugs like to lay eggs in clothing)
Insect Removal

Insect removal from your home is one of our most common pest control services. There are many types of common bugs and insects that may be invading your home:
  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Bed Bugs
  • Roaches
  • Flies
  • Fruit Flies
  • Fleas
  • Silverfish
  • Stink Bug
  • Gnats
  • Mites
  • And many more
Insect and Bug Extermination

With our pest control services, each bug or insect is treated slightly different. The result is the same, Pest Elimination! The insect control or bug control process usually involves either spraying or baiting to eradicate the pest. Depending on the severity of the infestation, we sometimes require two or more services, but we will be able to inform you if further treatments are needed on our 1st visit....there will be no surprises, and we guarantee our work!

Call Action Pest Control today to take action against bugs and insects invading your home!

Rodent Extermination Services

Unfortunately rats and mice live wherever humans live. These rodents have a remarkable ability to adapt, survive, and reproduce rapidly.

As they forage for food, they will inadvertently contaminate food storage areas, and damage buildings, and other property by their constant gnawing and burrowing. They also can spread diseases to people and pets.

The action plan for rodents: every rodent job has its nuances, but they typically follow this pattern.

Thorough inspection of entire home, inside and out. Set up discreet bait stations inside the home. We use a special rodenticide that drives rodents outside the home to expire (This keeps them from dying within walls or inside the home leaving an odor).

In approximately two weeks we return to assess the status of the problem. Approximately 90% of homes or buisinesses are mouse free at this point. Action pest will observe the amount of bait consumed and re-bait completely. The amount of times we re-bait is relative to the degree of infestation. Once the inside of the home has been secured and is stable we move to the outside of the home. We place discreet bait boxes outside of the home which prevent rats, mice, moles, any rodent from coming into your home or business.

Hornets, Wasps, Bees, Yellow Jackets

Spring and Summer what a great time of year. It welcomes great things like BBQ's, flowers, swimming and….Stinging Pests! Whether it's a hornet, wasp, or bee - we can take care of it quickly and safely.

Our trained professionals will put on their professional bee suit for protection. We don't recommend you attempt wasp or hornet's nest removal yourself as stings can be lethal and unless you've been stung there's a chance of an allergy. These stinging pests are very territorial and will defend their nest. Of course, they are no match for us.
The Action Plan For Wasps, Bees, And Hornets
  • We will identify the nesting areas of the pests. It can often be in trees, on the home, on the eaves, even in the walls!
  • We will identify exactly what sort of pest it is.
  • We will kill all of the stinging insects, remove their nest, and make sure the Queen has been captured.
  • We guarantee your home will be wasp, hornet, and bee free that day with a season guarantee.
The Action Plan For Moles:

Moles are a unique problem that plague backyards and lawns. We strategically treat your yard for moles in a natural manner that won't hurt your pets.

Much like treatment for mice, the main strategy includes a specialty mole bait that will cause them to dehydrate and perish. After treatment, we guarantee no more moles for 60 days.

We 100% Guarantee that we will rid your home of Rodents or we will return for free! Schedule an inspection today!
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